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Alby_da_Wolf said:
Christian973 said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:
acdcste said:
Anybody want to speculate on what the combined Mario 3d land numbers will be for US and Europe? Seen as though it looks like we won't be getting them for a couple of days. I reckon 700,000 and 3DS hardware over all regions to be in the 450,000-500,000 range this week. Also, don't forget the pink 3DS was released in Europe with Nintendogs and Cats.

I always knew it! Choosing this very week to update the site proves ioi is a MS fanboy, he conspired to delay and downplay the epic Mario and 3DS numbers making sure they'll be submerged a few days or even hours later by the huge XB360 BF numbers that will totally pwn American sales data! Mario's awesomeness will be forgotten in a matter of hours after its moment of glory! The world is so unjust to perv Italian plumbers!!!

They should be posted either today or tomorrow. BF numbers won't be up until next week. 

But if next week American numbers will be again early as usual, XB360' BF numbers will stomp Mario ones to death before it's allowed to fully develop its hype! It's a conspiracy against Italian plumbers and maybe the whole Italy!  ioi is surely a Freemason in the same Lodge of Mario Monti and other Goldman Sachs present and former execs and moneyhatted politicians!!! And now I see even more horrible things! They surely want to secretly kidnap and kill the one true Mario and replace him with Mario Monti, cleverly disguised with plastic surgery and fake plumber clothes!!! We are D0M3D!!!


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