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So the big numbers have started to roll in and the holidays has well and truely officially started. Not sure why people are so suprised this is kinda the norm. The only difference maybe this year the Wii looks like it will not make anything like its previous hurrahh which considering the announcement this year is not suprising in itself.

Will it be 360, PS3 and Wii for the 1st 2nd and 3rd places. (Not talking handhelds if I was then I would have to mention the iPhone, Android and the WP7).

W.L.B.B. Member, Portsmouth Branch.

(Welsh(Folk) Living Beyond Borders)

Winner of the 2010 VGC Holiday sales prediction thread with an Average 1.6% accuracy rating. I am indeed awesome.

Kinect as seen by PS3 owners ...if you can pick at it it ... Did I mention the 360 was black and Shinny? Keeping Sigs obscure since 2007, Passed by the Sig police 5July10.