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Blood_Tears said:
NeoRatt said:
This year, Sony have had a tonne of core exclusives and a price drop without Microsoft really doing anything other then the normal exclusives and they can't beat 360 consistently on a week-to-week basis.

In the core genre's of RPGs and Shooters 360 is dominating. Also on the casual side 360 is doing well. Kinect is still in the top 50 and Lego Harry Potter on 360 outsold even the Wii version.

Sony consistently has to have some concerns. Move is dead. A price drop wasn't enough to hold #1 in sales through the holidays. Also, Uncharted 3 is ok, but it should be exceptional in sales.

Think what you want about Microsoft, but they are outmaneuvering Sony on the marketing front every step of the way this generation.

The holidays are over?   damn, i must have slept through Christmas already! I could have sworn it was mid Nov with a 1.5 million yearly sales gap between PS3 and 360.

The holidays aren't over, you're right... But, this is where the real console sales are... From this week to the end of the year.  Everything previously was a warm up.

PS3 needs a comeback and they need it now.  Otherwise, the gains they made through the rest of the year will be mostly washed away with the large console sales from now until the end of the year.  It will be interesting to see sales the rest of the way through the year...