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pezus said:
shanbcn said:

We know from many charts and figures we get from EMEEA countries that PS3 versions of multiplat sell atleast 75% compared to 360 ones. But here we have MW3 for PS3 1.3m and for 360 1m. So 360 version sold 43.5% in other countries? This is what sales should have been if tracked properly and taking in to account the overall differences in EMEEA. Soon we will start getting figures from other countries starting from next week but i dont think VGZ will change anything by then.

PS3 MW3 2.55m
360 MW3 1.75m

This is taking into account that both versions sold 4.3m in others.

So with this WW sales should be

360 MW3 6.35m
PS3 MW3 5.1m

So around about 44% share for PS3 WW.

And now loot at last year sale of Blops in couple of countries like France and Spain.

France 1st week PS3 share 70% and getting bigger by year end.

390k vs 170k.

Spain 375k sales till the end of 2010 and PS3 share 82% 310k.

These are official figures from Charttrack.

So i just want to know how this time around 360 version got 43% in those countries.

Agreed. Seems strange, to be sure

One thing is for sure 360 version of MW3 didnt sell anywhere near 43% in EMEEA countries (excluding UK), at best 30%.