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thismeintiel said:

Going to post this in here, just in case EMEAA thread dies.

"I also have to say, not really buying the 360 Skyrim outsold the PS3 Skyrim by ~100K, either. Just look at Oblivion for my reasoning. Oblivion launched in EMEAA a little over a year late on the PS3. At that time the 360 outnumbered the PS3 by ~2.3 million in those regions. Yet, Oblivion on the 360 only outsold the PS3 version by 190K. So here we are, when the PS3 outnumbers the 360 by ~4.4 million units, and the games are launching on the exact same day, yet the 360 version somehow outsells the PS3 version. Just not seeing how that's possible."

Edit: This is just for EMEAA.

UK Skyrim sales were 65% to like 23% to X360? Judging by that, that's high even for UK, I fail to see PS3 Skyrim dominating 360 version anywhere enough to have a lead.

Not to mention there are skus of games that sell better on PS3 in AMERICAS, where the 360 has a 11 mill lead ... seriously, some games just sell better than the other version no matter what country. Stop coming up with this rubbish simply because you don't like the numbers.