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47. Fallout 3

     Like all of Bethesdas recent games, Fallout 3 creates a believable open world RPG like no other. In every town, there are unique people, who each have their own goals in this post nuclear world. Some worship a giant nuke, others wish to detonate it for a nice show, and other just want zombie rights. This game just has so many side stories (which in the end take twice as long as the main plot to complete), which are all unique and interesting. On top of that, this game manages to merge shooters and RPG's in a very unique, fun and addictive way. I can never blow off enough heads. Very excited to get New Vegas Ultimate Edition early next year.

KylieDog - I have

8 - fourth generation games

9 - fifth generation games

18 - sixth generation games

15 - seventh generation games

So I say, all hail the PS2/GCN/XB gen. I think SNES had the best games, but PS2 era had the most great games.

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