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TruckOSaurus said:
KylieDog said:

Might I request pictures be banned from the main thread or at least limited to most recent game added, the page is gonna take an eternity to load eventually and some people seem to really going overboard with picture sizes, nevermind the time it takes to scroll past them all. Embedded videos are even worse.

I thought about removing the images from my post to not make it so long and reduce load time and I'm just using tiny box arts for images.


edit: If anyone is like me it just gonna make me ignore all but my own post and not even read others unless posting in THIS thread.

I agree with this. My list in the other thread is just game name, platform and a link to the post in this thread explaining it all.

I'll limit my top 5 games to large banners, and then I'll just use small box covers. I don't want to see too many banner either. However my top 10 will still have oversized banners :P

Still I'll agree to a box cover format.

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