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#48: Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC)
Release Date: February 28, 1999

Heroes of Might and Magic III was one of the first strategy games I played, and is also one of the most unique. It combines both elements of turned based and real-time strategy elements to create a fun and refreshing take on the genre. But the part I loved the most was all of the different races that you could play as. From the demonic Inferno to the swampy Fortress, each of the eight city types had unique creatures to train and battle with. Finding gold and other precious items to build up your city was a satisfying and fun affair, and forming a great army was always brought a sense of pride. It was so easy to be sucked into the deep gameplay and strategy of the game that hours would pass by in an instant. There's so many reasons to fall in love with this game, and for that Heroes of Might and Magic III earns the #48 spot on my list.

Favorite City-State: Necropolis
Favorite Creature: Ghost Dragon