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I have an odd list...since there's a lot of games in there that are awesome, but no halo, no grand theft auto IV, no OCarina of time (just playing that for the first time now).

Not indie, but not too mainstream either.

My 50 is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I didn't like any Call of Duty aside from the Modern Warfare games, and even then I feel that Modern Warfare 2 and 3 SUCKED at narrative. seriously, some of the biggest dropoff in quality in any game series. Do no game developers understand narrative waves? There's supposed to be exposition, tension building, not "4 hours of nonstop intense action!" Modern Warfare 1 did it right, there was tension, there was emotion, and it revolutionized modern FPS multiplayer. good job, all around great game!

My Console Library:

PS5, Switch, XSX

PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, WiiU, Wii, GCN, N64 SNES, XBO, 360

3DS, DS, GBA, Vita, PSP, Android