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#50: Plants vs. Zombies
Release Date: May 5, 2009
Consoles Played On: PC, iPhone, DS

Tower Defense games. Can't get enough of 'em. Brains. Zombies can't enough of those. So what happens when these two elements collide? You get Plants vs. Zombies, a unique, addictive, and (most importantly) fun foray into the Tower Defense genre. Zombies want to invade your house and eat your brains, so what's the best way to defend yourself against the undead menace? Plants of course! Choosing the right plants to defend against the multitude of zombie types is the key to victory, and each level needs your (delicous) brains to pull through. I've played this game to death (zombie pun) on three different systems now, and I still go back to play another round. Also, the end credits song is fantastic. Sunflower rules!

Favorite Plant: Cattail
Favorite Zombie: Dolphin Rider Zombie