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spurgeonryan said:
Joelcool7 said:

I wasn't the biggest Kirby fan back in the early days. However I did enjoy his DS adventures and Kirby:EpicYarn was amazing. I had a chance to play Kirby Return to Dream Land co-op at PAX. It was amazing and I am actually debating whether to buy it over LoZ, yah I know I should buy both but seriously I am a financial wreck and with Christmas coming I really can't afford much of what I want. As it is there are only three games I am buying this holiday season for sure (MarioKart7/SuperMario3DLand/BattleField3) and BattleField3 is only being bought because my friend who had his colon blow up and still hasn't fully recovered wants me to buy it so we can play online. He misses getting out of the house or having company over he is really excited about playing it with me. I told him no and he seemed really disappointed, once at EBGames I had a change of heart because I realized I was being selfish and not the best friend.

But now I am left with the fact I am beyond broke I am in debt up to my eye balls and I don't know how to dig myself out. Meaning no purchases of games I don't absolutely have to have! Zelda and Kirby are equals in my books and neither as important to me as Mario. Making the decision a lot more difficult!

Didnt you already play those mario games to death when you went to PAX? Rent Kirby and buy Zelda.

Yes and No. I played the entire demo of both Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. But in total probably played like 10 minutes of each game. I loved the games so much from what I played and I know I have always enjoyed the Mario titles that Nintendo has produced in the past especially Mario Kart and 3D/2D Mario games.

That is an option, however I like to buy games I will actually complete. I know I would complete Kirby and replay it at least once when I have friends over. I am a social gamer big time I love having friends over and playing co-op/multiplayer. As such I spend the majority of my time consumed playing multiplayer games. Example I played CoD:MW2 over 300 hours and Halo3 like 200. While LoZ:TP only 80 and fact is I am a perfectionist when it comes to Zelda titles I try to get every single thing in each area. Every bug everything that there is, I buy a strategy guide just to see if I miss anything. I look briefly to see if I got everything if I notice I am missing something I close the guide and get the item without its aid.

In the end I have to this day never completed a Zelda game. The closest I came was Wind Waker where I made it to the final boss battle and my data got deleted. Made it back again and my sister borrowed the memory card and lost it, made it half way a third time before giving up. With TP I reached the final boss battle and lost a few times. I just got interested in newer games that were coming out and by the time I went back to beat the game I was unfamiliar with the controls and couldn't make it through the dungeon!

So in other words yah Zelda is hands down the better single player experience. But I am largely a multiplayer gamer and spend like 75% of my gaming time playing multiplayer games. This makes Kirby equally attractive to Zelda!


"In God We Trust - In Games We Play " - Joel Reimer