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insomniac17 said:
Garcian Smith said:
Just beware: If you're getting a DS, they're sold out EVERYWHERE. I looked around at no less than 5 stores today, ranging from a mall Gamestop to Best Buy to Target, and ALL were sold out. (Well okay, the Gamestop had a couple of pink DS's in. But like hell I'm going to play a pink DS in public...)

I'll probably just end up ordering the damn thing from Amazon.

Yeah, I checked around, and everything is sold out. The PSP is selling well around here too, because I couldn't find any in stores around here either.

naznatips said:
CrazzyMan said:
psp - - -
ds -
Find yourself.

Great post CrazzyMan. Finally someone providing him with information instead of opinion.

That said, my opinion is that they are both great, and it really depends on which genres you prefer. I own both, and like both, but play my DS more because my favorite genres are RPGs, Platformers, and Action-Adventure games.

So, the DS is more for RPGs and Platformers, and the PSP is more for shooter and racing games? curse my lack of money...


Yes, that's correct. The PSP has great handheld FPS games. The DS is pretty lacking in that category, but MP:H is decent. The PSP also has a ton of very well designed racers ranging from both simulation style to arcade style. The DS has Mario Kart as a great racing game, but that's about it, and it doesn't havea  good sim style game.

The DS has Mario and the first good Sonic and Megaman games in years as great platformers. It also has a ridiculous amount of RPGs (Square Enix has 19 games out and in production for the DS), and some great action-adventures like Zelda PH. Truthfully you'll only get the best of both worlds if you own both.