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larry said:
Gballzack said:
Remember how Sony said Backwards compatibility would be the standard for the PS2 and beyond, and now they're turned their backs on it so readily. Tsk Tsk.

 initially the new 65nm (without EE) ps3 at pal launch could emulate 72% of the ps2/ps1 games.

now the new ps3 can emulate 80% of the ps1 and ps2 games.

vs 54% for x360(till date).

with the 2.0 upgrade all backcatalog would become 100% compatible with ps3(according to Sony).

look at your x360 before trashing others.


Once again, changing the manufacturing process of Cell is not going to change how much emulation it can do.  The emulation without EE is a software emulation and has no bearing on the size of the transistors of the processor.

Stop talking out of you butt and provide information to back up your claims.  Perhaps they will get too 100% emulation, but it has nothing to do with processor revisions and is more likely a software update.