I don't think there is much Nintendo can do to win the next generation. Nintendo did something they never do, they played all their cards early on revealing the controller and roughly the power of the system over a year before competitors. This leaves Nintendo powerless to do anything really they need to wait and see how their competition reacts.

I've suggested on the Sony board that it is in Sony's best interest to release a platform with similar power to WiiU for multiple reasons. I have also suggested Microsoft do likewise. If all three platforms release with similar capabilities Nintendo will have a lot more competition then it did this generation.This would make it very hard for Nintendo to retake the lead and increase profits and market share for Sony and MS.

Another option would be if MS and Sony both went high end as they did this generation. Developers would likely create more content for those two platforms, but Nintendo would still receive low budget titles as they did this generation. Only problem with that is Nintendo would once again lack serious third party support. Nintendo would have to rely entirely on their own IP which would be far more difficult. I can't see Nintendo being as successful this time round against two higher end machines. They would receive a lot of support initially from THQ and such but in the long run the market share would go to Microsoft and Sony, I'm sure Nintendo could still hang in their maybe getting second place but third is most likely! It also depends on how expensive MS and Sony's higher end machines are, Nintendo stated WiiU was going to be expensive if it is not drastically cheaper then PS4 and Nex-Box and those two console over power it like PS3 did to Wii then Nintendo will have no chance in hell of dominating this generation!

The best out come for Nintendo is if one of the competitors follows their lead and the other foolishly goes high end. The high end competitor would suffer from high retail prices and development costs. THQ and other publishers have already said a true next generation console (Leap forward as in the past) would make games retail for up to 100$ or the publisher would have to sell twice as many copies to break even. If that's the case the one super power console would get a few high end exclusives from third parties but the majority of the software would come to the two lower end platforms. This would give Nintendo one direct competitor and especially if that competitor is Sony, Nintendo would benefit immensely. Sony's first party IP aren't capable of taking on Nintendo's and Japanese developers would exclusively support the lower end platforms not splitting support between lower and higher end.

In the end the only things Nintendo can really do is.

#1.produce high quality software for launch

#2.Improve the online network day one

#3. Utilize the WiiU controller to the max, day one!

#4.Price the hardware competitively make sure Nintendo's hardware is still the cheapest!

#5.Bring more Japanese content to NA/Europe and vice versa!

#6.Make sure their is a big IP available day one whether it be Pokemon, Mario, Zelda etc...etc...

Other then those six things I can't think of much Nintendo can do, its up to the competition whether Nintendo stands a chance or not!


"In God We Trust - In Games We Play " - Joel Reimer