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Chrizum said:
blunty51 said:
Chrizum said:
freebs2 said:

in M64 when you enter a level you don't have a forced objective, you can go for the star you prefer.

That's actually not true at all. You still had to choose a star before you start a level just like in all other 3D Marios after it. Banjo Kazooie had more freedom than any Mario game.

Yes, but you still had more freedom in M64 than any other even if you choose a star in the beginning. In most cases you basically had the same stage structure/design no matter what you choose, enabling you to get any star, whereas after M64 it got too specific. This is actually good, AND bad.

I agree that the structure of the levels remained largly the same regardless which star you chose, but in SM64 you could only get the star you picked in the beginning, any other star would be blank and thus wouldn't count to your star total. That's a design decision I never understood.

I can say for a fact that that wasn't the case. There were a small handful of stars where to obtain that star, you had to choose it specifically at the select screen (both of the races with Koopa the Quick come to mind), but most were free choice

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