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Good day to everyone, lets discuss Super Mario Galaxy as the title says. Lets get away from sales and the flamebait for once

I got a Wii not too long ago and i have been acquiring some Nintendo's 1st party games that i have missed out on. As a big Super Mario 64 fan (who isn't?) i had to play the latest 3D Mario adventure games. I gotta say it felt good to play some good ol' Mario. Both games are overall great, nothing short of what would be expected from Nintendo. Visuals are good and gameplay is superb. However, much like Sunshine, i felt both games a bit short compared to 64. But they do feel new and fresh and yet familiar. For example, Sunshine introduced the water backpack and the gameplay revolved around which was different from 64. Galaxy returns most of the focus to platforming but now has gravity. One bad thing though is that i can't really grasp something such as a world "memorable". I mean everyone has favorite worlds back from 64, but in Galaxy i don't have one. That doesn't mean the worlds were bad, just not memorable. Another bad thing is the worlds felt smaller and both games felt linear. Personally, i prefer SMG1 over 2 even though 2 had an epic final bowser fight.

What do you think is the future of Mario 3d adventure games? 3D Land seems to be combining the best of NSMB and Galaxy. What will be new and innovative in the Wii-U installment? Will Nintendo make another sequel?


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