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madskillz said:
outlawauron said:
madskillz said:
Fastrabbit09 said:
crazy's problem is that he has a viewpoint (ps3 will do well) and searches out data that can support it

the better method is to look at the data and draw conclusions from it

looking at all the data out there wouldn't lead someone to conclude that ps3 is gonna pwn

It's called propaganda. To see propaganda in action, tune in to FOX News.

Or CNN. Or MSNBC. I could go on ..... what was the point of that?

Propaganda is presenting a certain slant on news - presenting it from one viewpoint. That's not news - and FOX does an excellent job on that. News is presenting all the facts, whether they're nice or horrible. And why do the rest of the networks and most media consider FOX a joke? It's so far to the right it's going left ...

 Being 100% is objective and unbiased is near impossible, which makes journalism so damn hard! But I think Fox actually has auditions to find the most outrageously biased reporters and crew. I'm pretty sure they all live around/on Bush's ranch...