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At least he's trying this time, this thread is not the worst I've seen by far. But most will debunk anything he says, because;
A: He's Crazzyman (and often acts according to name)
B: He likes Sony. A lot.
Try to help the guy instead of shooting him down, which is the reason the arguments in here get so warm at times.
I agree he makes a lot of flamebait (this is not, it has nothing to do with Wii or 360, those comparisons were ushered in by others), but making someone a laughing stock no matter what he/she says or does is borderline trolling in my book.
Like he said himself; If you're not interested or you're a Sony hater, don't post, just leave.
I've seen plenty of threads where I could lunge at someone and bash (so to speak) unabashedly on some crooked comment or chart/graph, but I mostly choose not too.

@Crazzyman: You're improving, that much is clear, but there's still a ways to go. Just put a little more effort into these threads. and they'll get better as you go.

@Propaganda comment: We have another man on Vgchartz who is by far the biggest propagandist I've ever seen, but no one shoots him down thrice a day. Learn to respect differences and pick your fights, or else all you'll do in here is argue fiercely all the time. (I know I'm not perfect, but some of you are really childish with your hate at times).