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Well some people said I have high standards, some continue to believe that.

My standards aren't all based on appearance, most of them are based on ethics and values.

My highest standard is I will never ask out or pursue a relationship with a non-Christian girl. This is due to my belief in saving sex till marriage and having moral values that just aren't shared by non-Christian girls. I have had the chance to date non-Christian girls however I turned them down based on the fact that we do not agree on the same morals.

My second biggest standard is I have to like the girls personality. Its a standard I don't break, pretty high standard. My friends bring me out to bars and stuff and want me to ask girls out, I have also been tempted to ask girls out at church where I am far more likely to be interested. However I always insist on becoming friends with the girls I am interested in before asking them out. This standard has left me with girl_friends and no girlfriends because once you get to know the girl, they aren't interested in dating you, they see you as another of their friends.

Third standard is appearance. Appearance isn't my main standard and the fact that I am over weight I truly don't expect to meet a super model. However that said I will not ask a girl out unless I think she is attractive. Some guys will ask any girl out that will accept or screw them, I on the other hand will not. That being said a girl I was interested in and found attractive enough to ask out was apparently a 3 out of 10 on the beauty scale according to my friends. All my friends said I was insane to date a girl that looked so horrible. Honestly I thought she looked beautiful.

So in the end I have very very high moral standards, I need to know a girl matches me on a personal level before I ask her out. I also expect a girl to be at least mildly attractive in my opinion to consider asking her out.

My friends have offered to hook me up with "Sluts", my one friend showed me a picture of a pretty attractive girl and said that he had a one night stand with her and she will sleep with anyone. He was like dude this would really boost your confidence and dating such a girl would be a good start. I however think that's a stupid idea, some of my good friends to this day still try to hook me up with girls who they say would be interested in me, but since they definitely don't match up with my moral values or personality theirs no way I will date them!

In the end every girl so far that meets my expectations, has wanted to be my friend. Not one accepted my offer of a date, now that I have gained so much weight I have lost all confidence to ask girls out. Not one girl I have ever asked out is not married or engaged right now, all of them have been taken. Then a few girls I have been interested in but never asked out till I got to know em a bit more they are all in serious relationships now too!

I think I might be stuck waiting till I'm in my 30's before I ever find a girlfriend, sadly!


"In God We Trust - In Games We Play " - Joel Reimer