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Joelcool7 said:

I don't mind the addition much. Infact I can't wait to see the 3D versions of each movie and what Lucas does to touch up the series. I wanna see the CG in the prequels over hauled and improved. Phantom Menace was a leader for its time but the CG is dated now and I think it needs to be improved. Honestly I love all six films and don't understand how some people can be so upset.

I've been a fan since I watched the films, I have the origional's on VHS in their origional form before Jaba was a giant slug. Back when he was a man. Honestly I don't think Lucas's additions have harmed the series at all.

I will not be buying this on BluRay simply because I am 100% positive that the 3D versions will have enhanced CG and touch ups that will make this version obsolete. I can't wait to see what the series looks like after it has been remastered in 3D!

How is this possible!?  Jabba was never shown in the original theatrical release even though the scenes were recorded, that scene was cut.  We only saw human Jabba when George Lucas showed the deleted scenes for Star Wars Special Edition and even then, he only showed a short clip to show how they changed Human the human actor into Slug Jabba so that the deleted scene could be added!

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