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I don't mind the addition much. Infact I can't wait to see the 3D versions of each movie and what Lucas does to touch up the series. I wanna see the CG in the prequels over hauled and improved. Phantom Menace was a leader for its time but the CG is dated now and I think it needs to be improved. Honestly I love all six films and don't understand how some people can be so upset.

I've been a fan since I watched the films, I have the origional's on VHS in their origional form before Jaba was a giant slug. Back when he was a man. Honestly I don't think Lucas's additions have harmed the series at all.

I will not be buying this on BluRay simply because I am 100% positive that the 3D versions will have enhanced CG and touch ups that will make this version obsolete. I can't wait to see what the series looks like after it has been remastered in 3D!


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