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I honestly do find it hilarious that I make a thread saying "Hey, if the believers want to continue to manipulate science and society based on the assumption that God exists, they should be obligated to prove it" has resulted in hundreds of posts about how insensitive I am, how I'm supposedly flamebaiting (trust me, if I was trying to incite a riot, the thread would have been closed down by the first time a mod saw it and I'd probably be fired...I'm VERY good at eliciting powerful reactions if I want to), how ignorant I supposedly am, and dozens of faulty-logic-arguments and redirects (usually going "well prove science is real!"), and multiple threads made to 'combat' my own, by asking the same thing that I did in a different direction.

The funny thing is, there IS a lot of supporting evidence for Evolution. there IS a lot of supporting evidence for climate change. There IS a lot of practically conclusive evidence that the world is more than 6000 years old and dinosaurs existed. there is NO evidence of a god. Philosophy is not evidence, it's philosophy. Philisophy is all about maybes and what-ifs, it's great to discuss and can be truly enlightening, but it's just a lot of ideas, that is not proof in any way, it's not even supporting evidence, it's heresay.

Hell, I can SAY that I saw god, I may even have truly thought I did, but for all I know it could have been a hallucination, I could be mentally handicapped. People hear voices all the time, we put them in institutions.

A long time ago, Darwin had his THEORY of evolution, an IDEA that he decided to put to the test. He had careful observation, he did a lot of studying, and he didn't let the fact that he DID believe in God get in the way. he had a theory, he tested it, he came with tangible results. Since then the theory of evolution has become much more intricate and we know a lot more about the process, but there ARE still things we don't know, that's the point of SCIENCE, to FIND OUT. just because there's a missing link doesn't mean that there is no link, it just means we haven't found it yet. we shouldn't ASSUME that God is responsible just because we don't know.

Again, Evolution is a readily observed phenomenon, denying this would be like denying Gravity. Just because we don't fully understand it doesn't make it magic.

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