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Aww, I got a fanclub! I think this is the third or fourth thread to link to mine because apparently it's so unethical to suggest we offer proof.

But seriously here, I've paid attention to science, I've done a LOT of research on evolution, and while I don't have the links handy (I'm currently at work and the bandwidth here sucks), I can assure you that not only does evolution happen, but we witness it every single day. New breeds are created, species mingle, new generations adapt to problems, the weak die out, and the strong survive to mate again. Denying this is honestly as ignorant as...I don't even know something so brazenly stupid to compare it to, it's that bad.

you know how, in biology class, you're told that only the strongest Elk or whatever survive (due to their horns)? yeah, selective breeding? that's a form of evolution. you know how the only bugs to survive and pass on their genes are the ones resistant to poisons? That's a form of evolution. You know how some plants are resistant to herbicides? That, too, is a form of evolution. You know how we humans get the common cold, but as we age we succumb less and less to it? That's a form of evolution. you know how, in spite of our immune systems combatting and beating each year's flu, people still get whatever new strain pops up? that's a form of evolution.

Just because the BIG changes happen gradually over many, MANY years and have no observable effect doesn't mean that we haven't observed evolution happening all around us.

To deny this is just foolish. Hell, you'd look smarter if you were a Climate Change critic, at least that skepticism has some merit to it (even though that is also almost unanimously agreed upon as a real phenomenon.)

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