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spurgeonryan said:
ruimartiniman said:
Have you got numbers from Terminator series, besides those on Box Office Mojo?

Production Budget $6,400,000 for the first movie.

It seemed to have come out in West Germany:$2,556,459 (West Germany) ( 1985)

Then Germany in 1991 and 85, kind of interesting since they were two different entities at the time!$436,055 (Germany) ( 1991)
$2,992,514 (Germany)

Each movie had a game, plus there was other spin offs including RoboCop vs. the Terminator.

Terminator Salvation probably broke even in the theaters, although the 200 million budget probably had a sizeable ad campaign as well. Here is the DVD sales.

Released on DVD: December 1, 2009
DVD Units Sold: 2,350,332
Consumer Spending: $29,669,511
Production Budget $200,000,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 For intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and language
International Distribution Rights (Sony): $100,000,000
US Distribution Rights (Warner Bros.): $60,000,000

Sorry for the bad editing, but the production budget down is all the cost that the last movie incurred while in theaters! Maybe it didn't do as good as we though!

The Tv show has shown in  many countries:

Country Network
 Argentina Warner Channel
Australia FOX8
 Austria ORF1
 Belarus Channel One
Belgium 2BE
 Bolivia Warner Channel
Brazil Warner Channel, SBT
Brunei STAR World
Bulgaria Nova Television
Cambodia STAR World
Canada Space
 Chile Warner Channel
 Colombia Warner Channel
 Costa Rica Warner Channel
Cyprus LTV
Czech Republic Prima Cool
Denmark Kanal 4
 Dominican Republic Warner Channel
 Ecuador Warner Channel
 El Salvador Warner Channel
Estonia Kanal 11
Finland MTV3
France M6
Germany Sat.1
Greece Star Channel
 Guatemala Warner Channel
 Honduras Warner Channel
 Hong Kong STAR World
Hungary RTL Klub
 Iceland Stöð 2
India Zee Café
 Indonesia STAR World
Ireland RTÉ Two
Israel HOT Zone
Italy Steel, Italia 1
 Kazakhstan Channel One
 Kenya Kenya Television Network
 Latvia TV3
 Lithuania TV3
Macedonia A1
Malaysia STAR World
 Mexico Warner Channel
Netherlands Veronica
 New Zealand TV 2
 Nicaragua Warner Channel
Norway TVNorge
 Pakistan STAR World
 Panama Warner Channel
 Paraguay Warner Channel
 Peru Warner Channel
 Philippines Jack TV
Studio 23
Poland TVN (Poland)
Portugal RTP2
 Puerto Rico Warner Channel
Romania Pro TV, PRO Cinema
Russia Channel One
Serbia TV Avala
 Singapore STAR World
Slovenia Kanal A
South Africa M-net
Spain Fox
Sweden Kanal 5
 Taiwan STAR World
 Thailand STAR World
Turkey CNBC-e
Ukraine 1+1
United Arab Emirates Fox Series
OSN First
United Kingdom Virgin 1
United States Fox
 Uruguay Warner Channel
Saeta TV
 Venezuela Warner Channel

Thank you so much.