I'll go in order for the mini games

Shooting: It was fun to replay to see if you can beat ur score and its also fun to challenge your skills. I like the replayability in this one
Find a Mii: This one was alright I'm not a fan of this one but when you play with someone its on! This is best with friends
Paddle ball: I actually like this too but it has low replay value. This game is like a pointing version of tennis.
Bubble Mii: This one is alright but its good to try and beat ur high score
Laser Hockey: This one is awesome. I play this one alot. I like the instants and skill you need for it
Pool: This one is epic with 2 players.
Fishing: This one is only fun to see how many points u can get and see if you can get those giant fish.
Cow racing: Another of my favorites. This one is good as it feels like your in the game thanks to the motion control.
Tanks: The best one. Its awesome. Especially 2 player

I have no score

Ok a 8

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