Welcome to the slightly revised version of the Vgchartz ranking game which trasharmdsister12 and I will be co-hosting!

All you have to do is put what score you think the game below deserves, and write a brief explanation as to why it deserves that score.

Voting is open for 4 days, after the 4 day period I will count up all the scores and get the average of the game. The consistency of new threads may vary in the coming days, weeks, and months as we have busier lives than our once younger, more naive, and definitely hotter selves 



1. You had to have played at least enough of the game to form an honest opinion about it

(playing it for 5 minutes is NOT enough time, nor is watching a friend play the game)

2. If you score a game 4 or more points above or below a game's metacritic average then you must go into great detail as to why you did so or your score won't be counted.

3. A game must have at least 15 people that gave it a score to be counted.

4. If you score a game more than once none of your scores will count.

5. Users with less than 50 posts cannot score a game unless they have been on the site for more then 1 year.


Last game was Portal 2 with a score of 9.04

Highest score was 10, lowest was 7


Vgchartz score --  nada

GamrReview score/Metacritic score -- 5.3/58  

Highest score was --, lowest was --


I was going to insert a table here but tables don't want to align in the center :/

But anyways check out our new place for the ranking game scores! Me and TADS12 (mostly TADS12) worked hard on it!



Next game--Infamous 2!


To view a list of all games from every game ranking thread click here.
Thanks to Blacksaber for the kick ass logos, and thanks to my great co-host trasharmdsister12 for making these threads what they are today!