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Food88: "I'd go to the following link and align launches and weekly sales, at the same time or one at a time and you'll see that the PS3 is dong fine. The only reason you see this giant gap in the holiday season of 2006 is because of Sony's supply constraints. ... " Yes PS3 is doing better on this plot, fair enough. On the other hand the lines look like they will collide in about 10 weeks. And I think the following is interesting: PS3 and X360 in America, plus PS3 in Japan to fill it out. They do roughly the same in America until about week 21 when Xbox starts to take off. This is put into stark contrast if you look at the weekly data at that point. In other words, Sony has a problem catching up with Xbox 360 in North America, and the real problem is that they didn't get into the game to do as well as Xbox 360, they wanted to wallop it.