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sapphi_snake said:
Mordred11 said:
sapphi_snake said:
ShadowSoldier said:
Im actually fine with it..especially since the whole universe is grounded in reality...they probably thought given her cat ears looked ridiculous

Yeah, 'cause Batman's pointy years look totally realistic and cool.

Unless you've been living in a cage,you must know how batman looks.They couldn't change that,especially the ears,he would look downright stupid without them.

Catwoman isn't nearly as mainstream as batman,they can afford to change certain things of her aspect,if necessary.

I'm pretty sure Catwoman's as mainstream as Batman is. And when someone hears the name 'Catwoman', I'm sure they'll be disappointed if they don't see a cat-like costume.

You realize that they're have been Catwoman costumes without the ears or Cat like helm? Really they could say in the movies her codename is "Catwoman" because shes a Cat burglar and a Woman.

Black Women Are The Most Beautiful Women On The Planet.

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