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I've read Malstrom's blog post as well as the rebuttal that is linked in this thread and another one on his site.
His main points are still valid, but in this particular case he also has problems explaining his argument properly, not to mention mixing in some pretty big factual errors that undermine his reliability as an expert - such as claiming no knowledge of an Animal Crossing game for 3DS, or saying Luigi's Mansion 2 has a launch-date.

What it boils down to though if you trim all the excess fat is this:
"Nintendo must know something that we don't to have a reason for such a drastic price-cut."
I think this is something that is not difficult to get behind.

On the other hand I don't really believe Nintendo seriously expected any of the games released up till now to be system sellers for the console. It's just not consistent with their previous ways of operation. If they did expect 3DS to sell on the basis of Nintendog+Cats, the packaged software (which admittedly, Iwata did compare with Wii Sports) and OoT 3D, then perhaps the people leading this project aren't the same ones that led the DS and Wii projects, or they haven't learned anything from them..

It would be extremely awesome though if this ended up being just an elaborately planned bait n' switch to get Sony to lose tons of money on the VITA again

Until you've played it, every game is a system seller!

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