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Mordred11 said:
sapphi_snake said:
Mordred11 said:
sapphi_snake said:
Mordred11 said:
sapphi_snake said:
... She looks like your typicall spy in that pic. Don't really see why she would be called 'Catwoman'.

Like I said,we can't be sure if that's the real/final costume.If it is,then it's a shame.Batman and Bane's costumes look brilliant,it would be a waste if catwoman's would be such a shit one.

It looks pretty clear from the photos that that's her costume. She'll probably say something like 'I call myself Catwoman because it sounds cool'.

The catwoman isn't represented by the cat-like costume,but by her cat agility and bad-girl attitude.The costume is pretty much irrelevant.

Yeah, and the Bat-like costume isn't at al lrelevant to the whole Batman character either.

Once again,you try to angry me and get me banned,but i shall not fall in your trap,sir!

The batman wears his costume to induce the same fear that he had into his enemies,and hide his real identity.The catwoman wears a costume,because she just wants to look like a badass bit*h,and also hide herself.It doesn't matter what costume she wears,as long as she looks cool in her opinion,thats how catwoman thinks,and that's why i said her costume is irrelevant.Batman's costume expresses his childhood experience with bats,the fear he lived at the moment,and how he conquered it,and uses it against his foes.

I am not trying to get you banned (LOL). I still think your argument is bogus. The cat costume is important for CATWOMAN.

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