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I have to disagree even though with DS some internal development teams shifted to Wii and such Nintendo maintained decent first party support in the years to come. Nintendo is well known for always supporting their hardware, he references GameCube well Nintendo kept GBA and GameCube well stocked with titles. Well maybe not as good as they could have but Nintendo released plenty of software past launch.

Now I think Nintendo may have released all their big guns too early. I don't think Nintendo has a lack of games in development for 3DS in 2012. I don't think thats why Nintendo's panicking. I think the reason they are cutting price is due to investors freaking out. Also from a software stand point Nintendo is releasing every AAA+ title they can this year, they are sparing no expense so if 3DS sales don't pick up after all these titles launch, then yah Nintendo is screwed.

Again I think some development will be diverted to WiiU, however I think Nintendo will continue to support 3DS with new software. I just think Nintendo has announced the release of too many of its core IP's in such a short time, maybe Nintendo should have spread them out a bit rather then launching everything they have in the first year of 3DS life cycle!


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