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What bugs me about this guy is that he appears to be caught up in his own hubris just because some of his points are valid.

What irks me most about this particular post is when he says things like, "Nintendo is already 3/4 done with putting out their first party games for the 3DS" and "Nintendo is running out of software". Seriously?!

Along with Mario Kart (which, coupled with the new price and holiday release will move systems like crazy), we don't yet have 2D Mario or Pokemon (both sales giants), nor do we have an original Zelda (2D or 3D), an original Starfox, Metroid (2D or Prime), Kirby, Donkey Kong, F-Zero or Brain Age. In fact, by my count, the only popular first party original games we do have so far are Nintendogs, Pilotwings, Kid Icarus and a 3D Mario, of which the last two haven't even released yet.

Perhaps math isn't Malstrom's forte...