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Nintendo might be using a lot of it`s brands this year (Nintendogs, Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus, Zelda and Starfox remakes) but doesn`t mean that Nintendo is losing the game. Of all of those only Nintendogs and Mario Kart made it big on NDS and actually made it relevant anyway - not to mention those who didn`t appear on NDS. Nintendogs wasn`t a hit on 3DS but Mario Kart 7 could still be as big with time.
We still have to see what Nintendo has prepared for the casual crowd, a 2D Mario, a Kirby game , games that do take advantage of 3D (Wario Ware game?) a true 3DS Zelda game and who knows, an original 3DS Starfox or even a DK game.

Why should Nintendo abandon 3DS in favour of Wii U when there`s so much potential in it? Nintendo always juggled two consoles at the same time as long as i can remember. Better than anyone, they know how to do things.