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Joelcool7 said:

Well if the online gets fixed it will be way better. For all those saying Brawl was worse then Melee, dude I have to disagree with you majorly. The only disapointments I had with Brawl was the lack of good online and the fact that characters from Melee were removed for Brawl. But I must admit the campaign was better then both other SmashBros titles combined. Infact the Campaign was so good that I'd consider it up their with Kirby and such, sure it may have a few quirks but it was a great side scrolling adventure and I thought it added to the game big time.

With Melee and SmashBros 64 I just played multiplayer I didn't like Campaign much. But with Brawl I replayed the Campaign from start to finish over three times. I also played co-op on campaign often. To be honest I wouldn't mind four player co-op in the next game.

Melee was a lot more fast-paced. Skilled player could really stand out more than in Brawl. That's why there were so many tournaments, something we haven't seen with Brawl.