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"The guards would then use the virtual cash for their own means, including trading it for real-world money. Dali claims he overheard guards bragging that they could make close to $1,000 a day off of the efforts of the inmates, none of which ever made its way into the hands of the workers. He also claims that certain quotas were set, and that those who didn't raise enough virtual cash would be physically beaten. "

For those innocents that are in jail (it will always happen sadly) this is frankly terrible, being forced to do 1 activity all day/night long will drive you crazy eventually. And being punished for not completing a quota is just sad.

But for those that indeed raped/killed people; they deserve that and more. Jails stopped  being rehabilitation centers so long ago, so SCREW THEM!   But it would be better if the country uses them as REAL SLAVES to build hospitals  among other things in order to somehow "fix" the SH!T done by them.