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d21lewis said:
I saw it and really enjoyed it. My most memorable moment was when Cap was going around doing all of those propaganda tours for little kids and women--then when he went to the front lines to entertain the troops, they were all thinking "Fuck this guy. We're out here fighting while everybody thinks HE'S the hero."

One thing that really bothered me: Tommy Lee Jones' character. What the hell? Is he the only leader of anything in the entire military? First, he's like the drill sergeant in boot camp. Then, he's in charge of things when Cap gets his strength. Then, when Cap goes overseas, Tommy Lee Jones is leading the battle over there. Cap becomes a big deal and Tommy Lee Jones is involved in the big decisions. Then, during the big battle at the end, Tommy Lee Jones is leading the charge there, too!! If Hydra were to kill Tommy Lee Jones, the United States Military would be crippled!

Also, Tommy Lee Jones was selling popcorn in the lobby. It was pretty good.


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Yeah I really liked that part too in the movie. It was funny seeing him dressed in the traditional style costume during those plays he did in the movie. Can you imagine if they used that outfit for the entire movie? lol. I do wish however there would have been more of a fight scene between red Skull and Cap at the end. But over all I liked it quite a bit.

lol, agreed on the Tommy Lee Jones part. They practically made him the leading role in the movie. It seemed like he was calling the shots all over the place. But, I can't deny that TLJ can definately act well. Also I think in the movie they set up Bucky's "Death" pretty well if they decided to bring him back as the Winter Soldier from the comics.