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I saw it today. It was better than I expected. Cap is supposed to be the world's greatest strategist and have a voice that can command gods. He's supposed to be an uber tough sonova bitch, too. I don't know if they handled his transition from sickly kid (and really, he didn't seem all that sickly) to the greatest hero of the Marvel Universe. That's not a big gripe, though. The Batman movies haven't exactly shown Batman as the strategist and invincible tough guy he is, either. I still enjoyed that series.

The movie was good. Damn good. If there were a recruitment station nearby after I saw the movie, I'd be in boot camp, right now. This movie made me stand a little taller when it was over. I wish the latest series of commercials didn't give away the ending but I guess the execs want people to believe that this movie takes place in modern times instead of during WWII.

My only other gripe (which I posted in the other Captain America thread) is that Tommy Lee Jones plays every single role in the military. I wouldn't be surprised if Samuel L. Jackson took off his mask and Tommy Lee Jones was really Nick Fury! In boot camp, Tommy Lee Jones. In the lab, Tommy Lee Jones. In Italy, Tommy Lee Jones. Planning to attack Hydra, Tommy Lee Jones. Leading the foot battle at the end, of course, Tommy Lee Jones. If Tommy Lee Jones' character died, we'd all be Nazis right now. Tommy Lee made the bullets, sold the guns, wrote letters to widows, sold popcorn, and parked cars in the parking lot.

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