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I saw it this past weekend. All in all I thought it was a well made movie that portrayed Captain America fairly well. Granted the actor was ok, but thats not to say they could have found someone even better. Overall the plot was pretty straight forward and told Cap's origin pretty well. If I was to rate it out of 10 and 10 being an insanely amazing movie I would give it an 8.5 out of 10. I wish they would have had some more fight scenes with Captain America. I thought they portrayed the Howling Commandos very well. It was kindove cool seeing a super hero in the 1940s setting. Its different for a change. I also thought the special effects were well done. Hayley Atwell was pretty foxy :). 2 bad her role is done now.
If you were contemplating seeing it and not really a comic fan(EDIT: Or even if you are a big comic fan) I would suggest seeing this movie. Granted I think the best way to get to know Captain Amercia as a super hero is to read his comics first and foremost. The movie only scratches the surface of who he is. While its evident that Spider-Man is the most popular in Marvel Comics, Captain America can be considered a golden child as he was one of the first super heroes to appear for Marvel comics and the super heroes of Marvel universe respect him a great deal.
I think this movie will surpass Thor in the Box Office earnings after all is said and done, but not by much. I bet it will make around 200 million in America. Still not as good as Iron Man's 300+ million, but still good. Overseas Im sure this movie will not make much. Foreigners just dont get interested in Super Heroes with the name "America" in them. Its sad, but the truth now days.