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darthdevidem01 said:
Nomad Blue said:

On a related note, does anyone know of a similar ranking of film franchises (adjusted for inflation...) that includes an estimate of all related merchandise?  I'm wondering how close HP comes to SW, which I assume walks away with it by miles(which I guess it does even if you just adjust the ticket prices for inflation), as despite all the HP books, everyone in the eighties had heaps of SW toys, duvet covers etc, not to mention all the books and TV series.

Star Wars had its BEST year in merchandise/toys sales last year

So not just in the 80's but Star Wars is as powerful as EVER in toys/merchandising today...


Deal with the alphabet or an ophthalmologist?

Yeah, I had a quick look in google and all I can find is that $450m(!) worth of Star Wars toys were sold in 2008 alone (not sure whether that's US or WW though).  Not sure what percentage Lucas gets from that, but he'll be raking it in.