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darthdevidem01 said:

Mirson succeeds again!

Spider-Man theme >>>>> All

Seriously that's another worry, how on earth will they top the moment when Spidey first swinged in SM1 with that theme playing, that was a defining moment.

This reboot is coming too early, Spider-Man 1 memories are still fresh!

They should just use the old spider-man theme again actually!

@Box office prediction

If the first person scenes are in 3D, marketing that = $700 Million + overseas tehehe

I forgot to mention the songs from the Spider-man soundtracks made the charts unlike Batman :P.

Hero went to #1, while Vindicated made it to #2. They gave the film more exposure. Imagine if U2 makes a theme for the new Spider-man. It would be a great asset for the Spider-man film, even the song sucks. Box-office win for the Amazing Spider-Man. kekekeke.