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Well my number one, I am sure of it, for the top 10 mm maybe yeah they could be in order, the rest i just enjoyed them =)

1) One flew over the cuckoo's nest
2) Reservoir Dogs
3) Unusual Suspects
4) Cinema Paradiso
5) La vita e bella
6) The Deer Hunter
7) Blade Runner
8) Donnie Darko
9) The Godfather
10) 2001 Odyssey to Space

11) Aliens(2)
12)Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
13) Pan's Labyrinth
14) Misery
15) Toy Story 
16) Lord of the rings (all)
17) Jurassic park 1 (nostalgia i know the music was so good)
18) The matrix
19)Star Wars (all)
21)Pulp Fiction (BRAIN DETAIL! hahaha such a good movie)