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Nsanity said:

   2010                2011 
Jan 333K    381K + 14%
Feb 422K   535K + 27%
Mar 338K  433K + 28%
Apr 185K   297K + 61%
May 195K  270K + 38%
Jun 452K    507K + 12%

Darth Tigris said:
So how much up is the 360 overall worldwide this year? NPD looks to be around 423k, as it has been up every single month, but is that the case worldwide as well? Is this still looking realistic for this to be the 360's peak year?

2010 YTD - 2011YTD (NPD numbers)
  1925K         2423K + 26% (25.87%)
       or up  by 498,000


June was pretty astonishing for Xbox360 in the US and it may indeed exceed 2010 for the rest of the year too, but the next couple of months is where it could really lose ground, that being said we all expected that to start with June but look how that turned out.