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Hyruken said:
nightsurge said:
Seece said:
kitler53 said:
Hyruken said:
The whole laptop numbers thing seems wrong in my opinion. That would mean almost as many people bought those laptops as people who bought 3ds for the month.
On top of that the same deal was on here in the UK and didn't see a bump.

Free consoles are given out all the time. You can get them with tvs, with subscriptions to things like gas, insurance etc, can get them with phone contracts and so on. I doubt very much 100k-200k were because of that deal.

i'm not very confident in this number but i google it and there is a number floating out there that dell sells ~700,000 computers a year just in the US.  that means an monthly average of 58,333.  The deal was valid for HP computers too.  i dunno, it is circumstantial evidence but the size of the bump seems to be on the same order of computers sold. 

But you also need to be a student and have valid ID, and the offer was for $700 laptops plus.

Which explains why it was only a ~100k bump from this promotion for Dell/HP/others and not a million unit bump.

You'd be very surprised at how many students are buying college laptops for the next school year around now, and quite often for much more than $700. This number doesn't surprise me at all, and could even have been much higher. Throw in this deal and a $700 purchase gets you $1000 worth of product so it's a win win!

Also, to the UK portion, how do you know there was no bump? Did the UK's version of NPD release figures already to show no bump, or are you just going off of VGChartz or other tracking services?

I mean bump as in the VGC UK numbers. The deal is also on in Canada and France and there has been no increase on VGC for those places either.

And of course there are a lot of students. I don't know how it is in the US but here you start in September. So i doubt these people would be buying laptops in their droves 4 months before they will actually use them at uni. Plus they would not even have had their loans yet.

Plus if you actually look at the deal in detail there are quite a few hurdles you must jump before you can get the free 360. You have to have a valid student ID  and .edu email add from the ages of 16 to 19, at bare minimum buy a $699 laptop and purchase windows 7. The deal runs from 22nd of may until september 3rd. So 4 months almost. If the student stuff is the reason for the boost then it will continue to happen in the coming months too right? Especially closer to term time when people will be buying their new gear?

if vgc didn't see the bump in the US then why would we expect them to see it anywhere else.

also, i'm not sure how "hard" those hurdles really are.  apple offers a student discount as well.  when i bought my mac and was out of college for 5 years already they still took my student ID...