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darthdevidem01 said:
Mordred11 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Cool, I hope this will finally be the batman movie to my fav one (the first Batman movie Burton made)

It's ironic how you like the SW prequels more than the originals,but you prefer the original Batman instead of the newer (and obviously better,lol) movies.

Attack Of The Clones is meh but Revenge Of The Sith's 2005 summer domination will always remain the best summer I ever have! Star Wars will return to dominance in 2019 as has been prophecized!

Batman (89) will always be one of my favorite movies. The great music, the costumes, the distinct atmosphere, the action, the batmobile, the dialogue, the Joker (Jack has so much fun in this) were all done so well and felt like what a Superhero movie should be...neither of Nolan's Batmans could top this which was disappointing for me (a Nolan fanboy).

More important than the movies themself though is food!!! And Burton's Batman brought turkey into my life, I think batman forever was advetised so heavily stores had turkey nuggets with batman on the packaging which is why we got it to eat.

No way, TDK was well above Keaton/Nicholson Batman. I am a Nicholson fanboy since The Shining and so on, but Ledger absolutely crushed all expectations and portrayed a darker yet still funny Joker. I would say it was a combination between the redhood joker and his funnier portrayals. I have yet to see Burton pull genius scenes such as the pencil dissapearing trick, the Joker phone call, or even the hospital fiasco. I recently watched every Batman movie to refresh me and make sure I was not blinded (except for Batman and Robin, I couldn't bare to watch it a second time) and sure enough I would say it goes like this TDR>Batman>Batman Begins>Batman Forever>Batman Returns>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Batman and Robin. Burton's first Batman excelled at keeping the fantasy of Gotham mainly through the parade near the end, while Batman Begins nearly matched it through Scarecrow's gas being let out in Gotham (flaming horse image was nuts). Keaton's Batman's agility was not up to par with the Batman in the comics, while Bale's absolutely was. Personalitywise as Bruce, both were on similar footing. Batman personality, Bale's voice in TDK felt forced while Keaton's remained natural and closer to what it was supposed to be. Nicholson's Joker remained colorful yet deadly but still comparable to the original 1960's show, where killing is simply fun. Meanwhile Ledger's Joker falls more in line with the darker Joker during the 80's and modern day where he represents Batman's direct opposite. He believes they compliment eachothers' existence and one cannot truly feel alive without the other. In the end he also wants to push Batman to finally kill so they can be equals and this is why I have a higher preference. Besides, he manages to turn Harvey Dent into 2Face and I loved that transition.

Make games, not war (that goes for ridiculous fanboys)

I may be the next Maelstorm or not, you be the judge  hopefully I can be more of an asset than a fanboy to VGC hehe.