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This game is easily the game of the year for me. It was so good and I enjoyed it so much... I hadn't enjoyed a game this much in a very long time.
I really liked the characters, the funny jokes :P, I loved those short stories you read in books and the funny comments Garcia or Johnson make while reading them :P.
The game was kind of easy on Legion Hunter... but the gameplay was very good and enjoyable anyways. The weapons and the upgrades are so cool that the game invites you to switch them all the time and play the game differently. I noticed I unlocked a new mode harder than Legion Hunter after finishing the game... so I'll play it after getting the rest of the trophies I missed.

Also, Akira Yamaoka did an excellent job with the soundtrack, I really liked it... lots of tracks reminded me of Silent Hill games for obvious reasons. It was a great addition to the game, it created a very good atmosphere.

I liked the "minigames" like the 2D shooting section, the Big Boner section, the Pachinko and the bowling. Those parts sort of reminded me of God Hand's mini games for some reason even though they were totally different :P like when you have to hit the cannon balls by pressing the right key or shooting the ships. It was pretty cool and it added some variety to the game.

I laughed at the sounds Paula makes while she chases you, haha xD I remember when Johnson tells you your girl "has gone mental" and Garcia says she isn't crazy, just temporarily confused, lol... I don't remember the exact quote.

The game had a pretty good length for the kind of game it is... I clocked around 9 hours and 33 minutes and I enjoyed every second of it :P

The nudity was used in a mature way and it wasn't used just for the sake of it. There aren't many games that do that. I liked that.

I think there could be a sequel... I'm looking forward to it as long as the same people that made this game work on it.

The only thing I didn't like was that the only thing you can unlock is that harder mode... and the copy protected save files >_>

I really don't understand why people dislike this game and like stuff like CoD, fallout, etc. This game deserves the sales those games get :P

I think the only reason why this didn't sell is because there was no advertisement for this game. I remember there was a thread in neogaf about this game and everyone was like "what? this was released last week?" or stuff like that...
They wanted to work with EA as partners because they wanted the kind of big advertisement their games get in the west... but they didn't get anything xD The same goes for Alice Madness Returns, hardly any advertisement... I think no one should partner up with EA as publishers anymore, lol.

I think this is the thread:

It's very strange that most people here in VGChartz say this game is bad, while most people in NeoGaf say it's very good.

A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P