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Khuutra said:
brendude13 said:
Khuutra said:

The map screen showed you where all the major entrances and exits on Hyrule Field were, and the owl explains how to use it a few times. You passed it several times on your equipment screen, I'm sure, or referenced it in the couple of dungeons you did beat.

I can say you're exaggerating - if only through misremembering - because what you're saying isn't true. The game never leaves you without hints of where to go.

Wasn't Zora's domain not linked directly to Hyrule field though, wasn't it linked to a river which then led you to Zora's domain?

And I would have preferred it if you told me I was misremembering, but in the end, I am used to games like this and I have completed games like Resident Evil at a very young age, yet multiple times I was confused at where I needed to go next in Ocarina of Time.

What about the part of the game where you grow up and go onto Hyrule Field, I believe after you meet Sheikh no hints are dropped as to where you go next.

I will phrase it that way in the future, then.

Zora's Domain was at the source of Zora's River, whichh is mentioned a few times by NPCs. The owl meets you at the entrance to Zora's River and explains it again.

This part is fuzzier to me - Navi suggests you talk to Saria, Saria says shit has gotten bad at the Meadow where she hangs out. Go meet her and  Sheik will teach you a song and direct you to Kakariko Village - particularly to meet Dampe, the gravekeeper. Sheik might direct you to go there when you talk to him at the Temple of Time, but I forget.

Ahh ok, don't think I am hating the game, it just irritated me sometimes because I frequently got lost.