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leatherhat said:

 This is the problem with modern games. No mystery. No Adventure. No discovery. Its pathetic, every game now a days has waypoints and other nonsense to drag you through the game. It pisses me off. There's never any easter  eggs or sidequests or things to find. Its just mission/cutscene/ waypoint to the next mission etc. All but a few games follow this formula- and those exceptions are far and away the best games of the gen. 

And here is a mainstream reviewer complaining about a game that has these elements (with plenty of hand holding via Saria and Navi). Casual to the max, and everything wrong with modern game design. 

So true just picked up AC:Brotherhood and though I forgave the previous ones pretty liniar tedious game mechanics for the awsome story and other goodies, this one is just garbage. AC is essentially Hitman in the classic days. Lets look at hitman you are thrown into a scenario and the way you imagine you accomplish the mission is an actual possibility in the story. In AC:B the first 30 min is me wandering on a linear path behind some pixalted "doesn't seem like 720p" chick, then Im thrown into a world where most of the areas are restricted until I complete the story line which invovles me killing people in two fashions: Jump from above/ charge at them. Or in between kill some guards. Whenever theres is a puzzle in the game it just tells you what to do with your Eagle vision or golden highlights. Where is the fun in that? I don't understand how sites could give it 9-10... at most its 8.5 Another example of de-evolution GOW 3. Its a great game (Didnt want it to end) but I remeber Gow 1 -2 being filled with a plethora of unique puzzle( Ie remember having to lure the minotaur onto the platform freeze him and roll to the destination in the allocated time, that shit was hard for my then 10ish self). Im tired of these games( not GOW 3) oriented as on open world multi path experiences then just giving you one option and calling it art cuz you can sorta roam from path A to B with shity camera and conrols. Thats why I wait in anticipation for adventure games that are all about the fun with some intrigue questing rather than claiming puzzle (Cant wait for TES 5) because honestly we want this industry to grow but in the words of Lupe Fiasco they want to "Dumb in down".


I miss games that make you feel like its your game instead of an interactive movie.

"Rainbird: Why don't Nintendo and Microsoft Copy the Sony Blog?

Bagenome:You can't shoot things on a blog, and babies can't read, so I don't think it would suit either one's target audience."


d21lewis said:
Honestly, do JRPG makers even realize how hard it is to save the world? That shit is impossible!