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zarx said:
Mr Khan said:
non-gravity said:
Mr Khan said:
I'm liking the look they picked up for the guy who's presumably Thorin. Really captures the image of the character well.

Still bothered that they're going to incorporate Galadriel in this. Hopefully they don't dick it up and make the Elves appear more angelic (like those of, say, Lorien in LotR). The Elves portrayed in the Hobbit were much more down to earth. Flighty and a little silly, but that was just their nature

I don't know if you know how Galadriel will be incorporated and I really don't want to know, but it supprises me also which characters imdb claims will be in the film that really didn't exist in the book.

Also the Hobbit is about half as long as the Fellowship of the Ring, yet they're making 2 films

Well, the Hobbit was told differently, too. Fellowship was more dense, in that they actually detailed most of the places they went through. In The Hobbit, they never even mentioned Bree (likely because he hadn't thought of it yet), or most of Eriador. Then you have the whole return journey told in like a chapter.

I think the idea was to add some of the short stories and notes about what happened when Gandalf left the group for example to the movies so as to fill in the backstory for the trilogy, also the hobbit movies are likely to be shorter than the LotR.

Actually that would present a valid reason for Galadriel to be present, since Gandalf left to join the White Council (which she was on) in ousting Sauron/The Necromancer from Dol Gulder

I hadn't thought of that.

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