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ocarina of time clearly holds your hand. navi screams at you quite often with where to go next. oh and there is ALSO a fortune teller lady that you can go to that tells you what to do even more clearly.

and then NOW there is even those stone things that give you hints. seriously there is no excuse

i get pissed in most modern games where you can basically ONLY walk forward in a straight line. I mean in zelda you get to hyrule field and you can go and do a shit ton of stuff and go to a crap load of places. you can run to lake hyrule and fish, you can go to karakio village, and many other placezs to an extent until you reach a barrier you need item to go further. If it was a modern game you would have basically a tunnel leading you straight to the hyrule castle. or a huge waypoint beaming out of the sky, and or quick travel so you don't even have to walk there.