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brendude13 said:
Khuutra said:

You had no less than three different sources of information for where to go next - Saria, Navi, and Sheik. Two of those you could talk to at any time. One of them would prompt you on her own if you were lost. None of them were subtle about what needed to be done.

Ocarina is not a difficult game to finish.

Navi game the most pointless hints, I decided to even even use "it", and I often had to go to Saria and Sheik to find out where to go next, playing the game was still a huge time wasting session which I found unrewarding, so I stopped playing it.

That you didn't like it is fine, but Navi's hints are very, very explicit most of the time. And you can't "go to" Sheik - she only appears in a few predetermined locations.

Say what you want to about it, the game isn't hard to navigate without a guide. You get stuck in a dungeon? Sure, I believe that. Stuck outside of one? Multiple times? You're stretching it a bit.